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About meJason Plant

A senior IT manager working for a large global Law Firm in the UK.




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This blog is about work within an IT department, specifically an IT dept within a law firm.

So there’s general IT comment from the viewpoint of the Legal “vertical market”. My role in IT traditionally revolved around Document Management, KM and Digital Dictation, so there’s a fair few postings on specific help and comment for Autonomy iManage WorkSite, BigHand and Workshare products. My current role though looks at all applications technology across Legal, so Legal IT posts are varied.


The views expressed on this website are my personal views and do not necessarily reflect views of my employer. The posts and opinions expressed on this blog and this website are solely my own. They do not represent (nor are they intended to represent) the positions, opinions or policies of my employer or any other company or person. The comments on this site are moderated, but even so the opinions expressed in those comments are not necessarily shared by me.

Why “No Option for Law Firm”?

The name comes from a irritation with the IT press and with IT vendors to ignore Legal as a vertical market. You are presented with a question on an online form like “What is the MAIN business of your organisation?” and most of the time there will be no option for Law Firm or Legal, occasionally if you are lucky there will be a “Professional Services” option.

Invariably I end up describing the business as “Other”.

No Option for Law Firm!

No Option for Law Firm!