Mar 22 2014

LawTech Futures 2014 – one slot not to miss!


This years sold out LawTech Futures event kicks off this Tuesday (25th March 2014) with Sir Tim Berners-Lee as Keynote Speaker.

I’ll be back again doing an “Inspect-a-Gadget” slot again on the Lounge Stage at 13:40.


As with a lot of conferences the synopsis of your talk is submitted weeks in advance and the difficulty in getting this right for the mobile and app world is that its an area that moves so fast. The gist though of what I will talk about is covered in the bullets. But inevitably some things have changed a little, for example I won’t be mentioning the BlackBerry as there’s not much new to say unfortunately. So I thought I’d throw up a quick blog post to take a more detailed look at what I’ll be talking about on Tuesday.

  • A bit of future gazing into the technology that law firms of the future will be using
  • A look at the new technology there is available right now to underpin IT in law firms in the new mobile world
  • Office365, Azure, Windows 8, Office 2013
  • The challenges law firms face in the new app/mobile ecosystem
  • A look at some OneDrive/DropBox solutions available for law firms that integrate into current Legal IT software

It’s a lot to get through in 20 minutes but I am at the conference all day and would be happy to chat through what we’re doing in this space and particularly interested to hear what other law firms are doing. Message me on twitter @planty on the day.

Hope to see you at the Lounge stage at 1:40pm on Tuesday!


Mar 30 2012

LawTech Futures 2012 – UK’s answer to the annual ILTA event?



Well it’s a couple of weeks now since LawTechFutures 2012 and I have to say it was a good event for Legal IT in the UK. I’ve not been to a any general Legal IT events in the UK for a number of years. I’ve been to some good specific events (Interwoven’s old Gear Up events were usually very good and Tikit’s Word Excellence days have been good too), but the old Legal IT shows were more “trade shows” that allowed vendors to show and talk about their wares. They certainly weren’t the kind of show that allowed you to both see products and also hear about key topics affecting the industry. I attended ILTA in 2010 and there was an example of how good a Legal IT event can be!

So what about LawTechFutures? Well it isn’t quite ILTA yet, but it’s certainly a great start in the right direction (it is after all only lawtechfutures event number one!). A few more tracks of speakers with better platforms for those tracks off the main track (the lounge and demo stages weren’t perfect for either speaker or audience really) and it could be an excellent regular annual event. This is just a minor point though and should not detract from the fact that the event was a huge success both in numbers attending and the quality.

For a good write up of the event have a read at the post on the excellent “The Time Blawg”.


Feb 22 2012

Been gone for a while….


I realised I haven’t blogged for a while. Reason is that as well as the rather hectic home and work life, I’ve a few other Legal IT projects on the go. First up I’ve been working on an article for “Managing Partner” magazine. I finished writing this at the weekend, so hopefully it will see publication in one of the upcoming issues. The topic is on WorkSite in a law firm, looking at the challenges of running a WorkSite setup, lessons learnt etc. The article is from experience of using WorkSite but would really apply to any legal DMS. The author terms means I can’t publish on here just yet, but will be able to in the future so if you can’t get hold of a copy I’ll post on here eventually.

Next up is a talk I’ll be doing at LawTech Futures 2012 in March on mobile technology (smartphones and tablets mainly) in law firms. Rather than a product review, it’ll be more on how lawyers can and do use them and where the tech is going that will be useful to lawyers. I’m talking at 13:40, so if you’re at the conference come and say hello!

And finally I’ve been asked to speak to the British Columbia Legal Management Association in Canada. This one is still in planning stages, but looks like will now be scheduled in May. Unfortunately this is a webex and telcon talk rather than a visit to Vancouver. But the topic on Technology – what’s new? should allow for a pretty interesting subject.

More regular blogging will resume once I’ve finished up the slides for my talk for LawTech Futures which from the email I’ve just received as a very strict deadline…..